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From essential Product-Led foundations to how leading engineering frameworks are being transformed under PLG pillars, the Product-Led Engineering Certificate™ explores from A to Z how engineers belong at the core of every SaaS organization honing into Product-Led Growth elements.

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What You Should Expect

Live-Online Training

Our range of training programs will be delivered by digital & physical mediums in order to enable executives & organizations to excel PLG practices in-house, no matter their location.

Tailored Assessments

Extensive reporting, skill-gap tests & assessments to evaluate your skills’ levels.

Variety of Trainings

The training programs include but are not limited to live-online workshops, personal coaching & bootcamps.

State of the Art Tech-Stack

From screening to continuous development and performance appraisal, our tech. stack is able to train multiple employees at scale & develop their PLG skills to their full potential.

World Class Instructors

Our experienced executives are able bring their real-life experience into the classroom and emphasize critical thinking with product experience in mind.

Tailored Training Paths

We assess your teams' skills end-to-end, and by considering your end goals we develop a path tailored to your ever-evolving needs.

Tailored Learning Environment

The PLG Core certificate™ provides a thorough breakdown of how to build a strong Product-Led Foundation including an introduction to PLG pillars, metrics, challenges, and transformation prerequisites.

Advanced Training Features

Enterprise-ready SSO options

Extended Security Configuration

Enterprise-ready SSO options

Extended Security Configuration

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Bespoke Corporate Training Programs

Who the Programs Concern

Our programs offer the opportunity to our learners to expand their business knowledge by capitalizing on PLG foundations. If your role has a direct impact on the customer journey our programs will excel your expertise, offer and increase your attractiveness to potential employers or simply help your business generate more revenue.

SaaS Organizations

Businesses that want to capitalize on customer feedback and product usage, become proactive towards customers’ needs and eliminate hand-holding.


In need to create a scalable business model and use the product as the main growth lever, no matter the stage they are currently in.

Out Trainers Work At


Product-Led Growth increases its prevalence by the day. SaaS organizations need to be equipped with frameworks that deliver more with less. At the same time, the need for top-notch talent does not go away. Until now there was not any point of reference when it comes to the training and development of skills associated with PLG tactics.

At Product-Led Growth Hub we know what it takes to succeed in this highly competitive and ever-changing industry and we provide our learners with the latest frameworks, tactics, and best practices delivered by the most successful Product-Led Organizations.

For now, we only provide part-time curriculums that may last up to three months – depending on the number of certificates selected for tuition.

Our instructors are real-world SaaS Leaders with diverse backgrounds, working at companies including Globalwebindex, Oroson, Real Madrid and others. As experienced professionals who build and deliver digital products every day, they know exactly what it takes to get trained and succeed as a Product-Led Growth leader.

Each class includes a maximum of 15 learners in order to provide you with the necessary levels of engagement and attention throughout your tuition and beyond.

We take pride in providing hand-on training from day one. You will be using learning from the best in the field, use the necessary toolstack, taking part in group exercises & workshops, and accessing real-world case studies.

By the end of each course, you will know how to deliver products customers love, evangelize PLG internally, and advance your career as an upcoming Product-Led Growth leader.

We offer world-class training to organizations looking forward to making the PLG transition. In-person or online, we’ll assess and provide customize tailored training experience fitting your company’s needs.

Yes, we provide certifications of completion for every single course delivered along with the only PLG Certificate in the SaaS industry upon completion of our core curriculums.

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