Building Product-Led Sales & CS Teams for SaaS

PLG Disrupt Conference | On-Demand Session


In this session by PLG Disrupt, David Apple, the first Customer Success & Sales hire at both Notion and Typeform, will be sharing his learnings about how to build Sales and CS teams for Product-Led Organizations.

Session’s Key Takeaways:

  1. The importance of focus
  2. Learning about your customers
  3. Engaging with your customers
  4. Closing the feedback loop
  5. The people side of things

About The Speaker

David Apple

Head of Customer Success, Notion

David has had the privilege of running the Customer Success & Sales functions for two product-led hyper-growth start-ups: Notion and Typeform. In both cases he was the first hire in the Sales & Customer Success team and amongst the first 15 employees.

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