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Digital Transformation is critical to the ongoing success of nearly every company, however the vast majority of these transformation efforts fail. All too often, enterprises make the faulty assumption that digital transformation is simply about applying technology to existing processes, rather than about fundamentally changing the strategy and approach of their business. 

As the need to “go digital” and stay ahead of the competition accelerates for enterprises everywhere, companies are increasingly looking to Product Managers as the driving force behind any digital transformation in order to de-risk the effort and maximize both business and end user value.

About the Speaker

Jeremy is the VP Global Head of Product Management at Cognizant. Over the last 2+ decades Jeremy Horn had the opportunity to work on a variety of consumer and enterprise products alongside some amazing product teams. He now leads product management for Cognizant, the leader in digital transformation with 300k associates around the world, as VP Global Head of Product Management.

Formerly, he founded other startups and held product leadership roles at many organizations, including Viacom. His experiences span a variety of industries from media and network security to gaming and wearables / IoT. Jeremy believes very passionately in elevating and growing product management, its practitioners and beneficiaries, from creating curricula and instructing at various schools, CMU Heinz, The New School, General Assembly, etc. You can often find him speaking at various events, podcasts and radio on the topics of product management, startups, future of work, and AI.

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