Product-Led Growth Labs: The State Of PLG 2021

Product-Led Growth labs interview series is an ongoing initiative aiming to distill best practices & examine challenges the industry is facing while making the PLG transition. 

The #1 Independent Product-Led Research Initiative

Product-Led Growth Labs

We embarked on a mission to map PLG best practices across the SaaS landscape.  Product-Led Growth labs interview series, is an ongoing initiative aiming to distill best practices and challenges the industry is facing while making the PLG transition.

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Upcoming: Digital Adoption For The Enterprise

Allison Skidmore Global Head Customer Success & Renewals at SAP Customer Experience, explains to us how the software solutions leader, accelerates digital adoption by putting customers needs in the center of its organization.

Upcoming: The Secret Behind Slack's Global Success Program

Alison McPhail, Sr. Manager, Global Scale Customer Success Programs at Slack discuss how the PLG paragon delivers stellar customer programs at scale, by taking the most out of its Product-Led Growth levers.

Upcoming: Why Usage-Based Pricing Accelerates PLG

Kype Poyar Partner, Expansion Platform at Openview discusses why usage-based pricing becomes all the more popular and can become the greatest PLG lever for any SaaS organization

Featured: Product Operations Lessons From Calendly

Despina Exadakylou, Founder at Product-Led Growth Hub sat down with Srinivas Somayajula to discuss how Calendly’s Product-Led Growth levers are reimbursed via product operations practices.

Featured: Demystifying Zendesk's PLG Levers

Teresa Anania VP of Global Customer Success & Renewals at Zendesk, explains why PLG helps the customer support leader internally to accelerate its growth levers.

Upcoming: Putting Together a Product Ops. Organization

Shintaro Matsui, Head of Product Ops. at Amplitude shares learnings about putting together a product operations team from scratch. 

Featured: The Product-Led Organization

Despina Exadaktylou, Founder at Product-Led Growth Hub will sit down with Todd Olson Founder & CEO at Pendo to discuss what it takes for SaaS executives to create a solid Product-Led foundation across and within their organizations

Upcoming: What Pendo Can Teach us About Product Ops.

Christine Itwaru, Sr. Director of Product Ops. at Pendo discusses how her team helps to optimize internal processes & partnerships along with Pendo’s PLG strategy.

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