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Partnership Programs Overview

Training Partner

Become a training partner and pass your best practices to our learners and audience while generating highly engaged qualified leads.

Corporate Affiliate Program

If your audience includes Product and CX professionals then we definitely need to take this conversation further and discover how you will benefit from the earnings our corporate affiliate program has to offer.

Talent Program

The more prolific the role of a Product or CX leader becomes, the harder it is for SaaS orgs. to secure the right person fitting their needs. This is why we launched our talent program providing a pool of applicants able to implement PLG activations.

Our Audience

Seniotiry Level

You Are In Good Company


Gainsight helps customer success, post-sales, and product teams put customers at the heart of their business to deliver better outcomes and grow net dollar retention (NDR).


Userlane is a Germany-based technology company working with well-known enterprises such as Allianz, Beiersdorf, SAP, and Linde. Its award-winning software is used by millions of users across the globe.  


UserGuiding is a digital adoption solution, helping teams to create no coding required product tours, which allow them to prompt the right in-app experience to the right persona at the right stage of their user journey.


eFront is the enterprise learning management system engineered to support the most demanding and complex learning ecosystems


Ideal for any type of training –from onboarding to compliance– in any industry –from manufacturing to aviation –TalentLMS is designed for businesses wishing to deliver effective and engaging online training.


Ensemble makes it simple to start a chat-focused community packed with automated subscription management, integrated billing, custom branding, business analytics dashboard and unlimited users/chatrooms/history.


Growthhackers is simply the greatest growth community globally. With thousands of fans across the world, it evangelizes growth aspects, experiments, and studies daily.

Customer Success Network

The Customer Success Network is a not-for-profit community for customer success managers. Its vision is to empower customer success managers to become leaders in their expertise and get all the necessary support they need.

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